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Our Teachers

Rania Elsaedy

I am Rania Mohamed from Egypt.
Holds a certificate for teaching (Nour al-Bayan) to the Arabs.
I'm teaching ( Noor al-Bayan) curriculum to non-Arabic speakers.
I'm teaching Tajweed in both of Arabic and English.
Five years experience in teaching Quran.
One year experience in teaching Nour Al-Bayan.

Hanem Elkafrawy

I am Hanem Hassan from Egypt, I graduated from faculty of Arts, Spanish department, Helwan university. I have three years experience in teaching Arabic language and Quran.I have Ijazah in Qaeda Nuraniah. I study Islamic studies at Dar Al-Arkam .


Soy Hanem Hassan de Egipto. Yo gradué desde la facultad de Letras, el departamento de la lengua española, la facultad de Helwan. 
Tengo tres años de experiencia en la enseñanza de la lengua Árabe and Qurán. Obtuvo Ijaza en Qaeda Nuraniah. He Estudiado en un instituto de estudios islámicos llamado  Dar Al-Arkam. 

Rahma Elnagar

I am from EGYPT
Studied at Al-Azhar University, Egypt
7years experience in teaching Quran, 
2year experience in teaching Arabic language and Islamic studies.

Eman Sayed Gaberallah

Graduated from faculty of language and translation Al-Azher University.

A Quran tutor for two years.

Farah Ashraf

Name: Farah Ashraf.
Education: graduated from Al Azhar University faculty of Languages and Translation.
Volunteering: taught Nour al bayan and Quran for a year.
Main points:
▪︎Excellent communication skills 
▪︎good at dealing with children 
▪︎teaching adults in a professional ways
▪︎teaching Nour al bayan, Tajweed and Islamic studies in a professional and fun ways
▪︎good at reciting the Quran with Tajweed

Esmail Marzouk

Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies teacher 

Ismail Allaam

Ismail Allam 

Egyptian, graduated from Al Azhar University 

Imam of an Islamic Center "masjid" in Mexico.

Quran, Tajweed, Arabic and islamic studies teacher.

language: Arabic (mother tongue), English and Spanish.

Experience: teaching for many years for variety students from different countries en Arabic, English and Spanish.

Doaa Elsharif


Name: Doaa Elsharif

Work as Quran,Arbic and Islamic Teacher for more than 2 years 

I worked before as English teacher

Graduated from faculty of English and translation of AlAzhar Elsharif


I am Shiekh Khaled, Online Quran Tutor. I have graduated from Al Azhar Univ. Faculty of Languages and Translation, Section English; I am on the way of getting Ijaza, in the narration of Hafs An Assem. I am working offline and online with other students. I wish to be among those serving in this holy mission of getting others memorize Holy Quran and learn Tajweed.


Shimaa Esaam

My name is Shaimaa Essam Ahmed.I am Egyptian, graduated from Ain shams university faculty of foreigner languages (Al Alsun), I can speak Russian, English, and l could help you learn Arabic in a short time.

Ahmed Yousef

MR/Ahmed Haggag Ahmed Youssef

Egyptian teacher of Quran and Tajweed 

I have License of Language and Translation at Al Azhar University
- I have joined the higher institute of Islamic
studies in 2021
- I hope to finish my master degree in 2023
- Ijazah in recitation of the holy Qur’an
- Course in how to present Islam

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